Physical Therapy for Wellness

Patricia Grajewski PT

Restoring Pain Free Movement For Complex Problems


Integrating Light Touch and Mindful Movement
Healing & Wellness

Scientific research concludes that LIGHT TOUCH generates local changes in cell membranes that create global changes in the whole body, even faster than the nervous system. In a safe, calm, caring setting with your goals as the focus, highly skilled Light Touch manual techniques are introduced.  I "listen" with my hands and heart for tension in your body. I encourage you to "feel-in"(ward) and experience this change, the effect of more freedom of motion and elimination of pain. 

Then you'll be taught simple mindful motions and supportive concepts that you can do easily at home to maintain these changes. 

What our customers say

“After being seen by a string of Northern Virginia's top orthopedic doctors and physical therapists who were unable to help me with the neck, back and shoulder pains that have troubled me for decades, using her soft touch technique, Ms. Grajewski was able to relieve my pain.  After years of working with traditional physical therapy modalities that seemed to cause more pain than bring relief from pain, she sought out alternative methods of treatment.  Her discovery of Dynamic Manual Interface (DMI), a method of treatment that employs the body's natural curative processes, has been the central reason I've been able to quickly recover from numerous injuries over the years that she has been treating me.  Her skills, ability to explain her treatment procedures and caring attitude, are truly incredible."

Arne M (Caps fan)

"I have known Patricia Grajewski  professionally more than a decade.  She initially cared for my wife, addressing physical side effects from cancer treatments.  Ms. Grajewski provided effective therapy throughout complicated, debilitating and often painful treatments to relieve my wife's pain and restore mobility.  She did so with great care and genuine empathy.  I myself needed her restorative skills when i developed nerve problems in my legs. Once again, Patty provided effective treatment and offered common sense advice regarding rehabilitation and medication from her extensive knowledge and experience.  I would not be walking-and dancing-again both pain free and with fully restored mobility, without her kind care.

Bill C (dancer extrodinaire!)
in memory of Linda C  (spirited soul!)